Hope you will find ways to provide support to island organizations starting with the Nature Conservancy Great Lakes and Nature Conservancy of Canada.  These two organizations have contributed countless hours and resources to island conservation.  Just let them know that you want to support Great Lakes islands conservation and that you learned of the work though the Great Lakes Islands Network.

It was after watching the fantastic Detroit Free Press multi-media report on the island (September 8, 2010) that I was inspired to create this page and start with Belle Isle.  Belle Isle was one of the three Great Lakes islands that I explored as a child and grew to know and love.  The other islands were Boblo (Detroit River) and Strawberry (L. St. Clair).  I also plan to post links to conservancies with island acreage that are also deserving of your support.  So please do post your suggestions via comment or email.

Detroit River: Belle Isle

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